Whenever we wonder of future we think of the changes. Future in many ways synonyms change. It is always hard to see changes especially when they are gradual in nature. But the pace of change in technology remains unnoticed yet when you look back in time it seems like yesterday.

It was not very long back, when companies were trying to learn about the support systems for multiple platforms. They were trying to figure out how to host multiple applications on one device. But the change of tech is there before you realize it. And now in the modern days you just have to look around, and almost all the companies have largely won the battle of change.

You want to know a fun fact? Over 1 billion smartphones and 179 billion mobile applications are downloaded per year. The market of mobile applications is enormous and it is growing so quickly that by the time I will complete this sentence there would be a growth in the business. As the number of mobile users is increasing, the world of app development is also on the rise. But what future holds?

We are no astrologers, yet we can give you a sneak peek into the future of app development.

Wearable Devices

As the change would come the devices would also change, need a for instance? Go back ten years in time and think of the cell phone you were using. And then think of the best phone available in the market in those days. The technology keeps on taking 360 degrees turn in terms of change, and we the present generation are witnessing it the most.

Also the wearable devices are not a thing of future, but almost the present. There are wearable devices in use by the masses. In future they would be so much into use that app development would be done keeping that in mind. The futuristic devices like smart watches, smart jewelry, smart clothes, smart glasses etc. all will be operated by mobile applications. Syncing the information transferred from these devices to mobile phones via apps. And that’s where the role of app developers will come into frame these modern gadgets will strongly influence the app development world.

Cross Platform Applications

The purpose of technology is to bring people closer and making their lives easier. The tech should not discriminate at least the tech of the future. The apps in times to come will be compatible for all the platforms. The apps would be developed in such a way that it will not only be compatible to all the platforms, but it would work with same features and functionality. Though in the present days setup of technology it sounds like a huge task. It requires very deep and detailed knowledge of the codes & the complete app development process.

As per Cisco there will be almost 50 billion connected devices by 2020. The kinds of objects it would include are of various kinds. Starting from electronic appliances like TV, refrigerator, LED Bulbs, fans to sports equipment, medical devices etc. All these devices will be run with the help of Applications running on your mobile or tablet. And that’s what internet of things is all about; it literally means what its name says.

Applications on your mobiles would act as a remote controls as well as information centers in your pocket. It will enable the user to make subscriptions in advance, pay for the services & updating object firmware. The daily use things won’t be easy to be left alone in the future tech world. Hence applications on your smart phones would make them remain under your control irrespective of your presence.

Increase usage of M-Commerce

The payments made through your mobile using an application as a platform is not future rather present. Increasing popularity of payment platforms like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal and now even facebook are examples to strengthen our claim. But things will definitely change in the near future. The use of mobile purchases would remain on a rise in the coming years. And the use of credit cards and debit cards would be a thing of past in the times to come. Hence it would require developers to create such apps or create options in the existing apps of other kinds to make mobile purchases possible for the users. Such apps would be definitely needed to be compatible with wearable devices. These wearable gadgets would be much more than just a source of information sharing, data collection, predictive analytics et al.

Enterprise Management via Mobile Applications

Another area of growth in the app development industry is enterprise app. It is an effective and futuristic management system for organizations. The enterprise app development is much more productive in terms of revenue than individual app development. Need for such application solutions would increase as they are effective and authentic. From MNC’s to small organizations this management system would be the future of app development industry and other organizations using such tools.

There are other trends in the market as well which also contributes to the future of app development industry. One thing to be kept in mind would be ‘Change’. Not only in the demands but also in process involved in creation. The tech industry is ever changing, who knows it better than a developer? Adapting to change is the key, as the evolution of app development industry is bigger than what you can imagine. All the major businesses planning to get their app developed, definitely needs to keep a tab on these trends to align their app development plan.

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