Hiring is not an easy job to begin with, but hiring an application developer or a company to build your app is a tough deal. The problem is not the availability of app developers; they are available in huge numbers. The question is “how to hire the right app developer?”  And it gets even more difficult when you look for a developer pertaining to your needs.  So again, “How do you arrive at the right developer?”

So now that you have an app idea, ‘What should be your next step’?

Before you start looking for a developer, you should know what exactly you want from an app!  You must list out the features of your app, and then set them by priority. The purpose, target, functionality of your app is something you really need to work upon. Once you are clear with what exactly you are looking for, then your hunt for the app developer should begin.

And below are few important points you must consider before hiring an application developer or company to develop your app.

Experience in core functionality

Developing an app is not just about coding there is more to it. Of course the best of the coder is your need as it is the base, but that’s not all. Always think of the whole package not just the coding part. The design of the website is also equally important & that’s where the hiring gets even difficult. The user experience is also of the paramount importance for any type of app. Hiring an independent developer for coding only makes sense only when you already have a set team to take care of the design , user interface, and testing part.

How many apps he/she/they have worked on?

Alright we have nothing against amateur developers, but it is totally on you, if you are willing to take a chance with an amateur. But if you are not, then high five as you should then definitely ask about the previous projects of that developer/company.  Understand the kinds of apps they have worked on, how much versatility was there in the work.  And what was the success average of the apps they have created.

App crash testing

An important factor many developers don’t pay heed to is the testing. Being a perfect coder is right, creating a perfect user interface is also right, but what about the crash test?  For instance if you buy a car that’s performs really well, interiors and exteriors are also perfect but it doesn’t have basic security features like air bags, disc brakes would it make sense to you?

As that car will eventually fail in the crash test. Same goes with your apps, design matters, right coding matters, user interface matters, but if it fails in the crash test, it’s a FAIL.

Developer of hybrid app BUT!

Having an app that works across all platforms is definitely a great deal, or at least on the two major players of the market iOS and Android.  And that’s when if the developer is capable of making a hybrid app which should definitely be your choice. This means that developer would be writing one code that works on both applications.
BUT it won’t work for every other app this is imply a BAD idea for a complex application. And for that guidance only a right developer can help you.

What Security parameters will be used?

The security aspect is and should always be of your prime importance. Your app will be used by people, and people will be sharing sensitive information on the application. It is your responsibility that you take care of the users’ information. And if there are any types of financial transactions involved in your apps which include payment gateways then such a step is must.

Focus on right aspects of your business and you will crack the right deal for your business application.  Understanding of your subject and having crystal clear approach towards what you want would bring you in the right hands. It indeed an important decision as at times the success of your application depends on the developer. Making a right choice is tough hence choose wisely.

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