An e-commerce website is nothing but a happening party. Don’t believe me? Well at least that’s what E-commerce giant amazon’s founder Jeff Bezoz believes about it.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts.”

The universe of web development is complicated in nature. Development of any kind of website is multi-level project with various aspects. The process of creating an e-commerce site is complex and has challenges of its own nature. As the purpose is to bring the user on your site and buy products is not at all as easy as it sounds. The challenge of the developer is to not only make the site look good but there is so much more to it. From creating intuitive user experience to a responsive design there are many factors that needs to be taken care for an e-commerce site. A developer would make sure they take every effort in the right direction, in order to make the overall experience of the user easy and unique.

So what exactly are the aspects that are needed to be addressed while your ecommerce site is under process?

CMS VS Customized CMS

When it comes to choosing a Content Management System for your e-commerce site you can always get confused. It is one of the foremost decisions you have to make for the future of your business. And that makes it an utmost important decision. If you are a small business then a custom CMS is not all recommended. As options like Joomla, Magento, Drupal Commerce, are sufficiently capable for running your e-commerce site. Customized CMS options are required only when you are getting into the game in a BIG way. If your e-commerce has lakhs of products and the size of your business is expected to be growing at rapid pace only then customized CMS makes sense. Otherwise for small startup or a small business CMS options (like mentioned above) are definitely a decent option.


A responsive design is a very important factor to be kept in mind for an e-commerce website. The design elements in no way should put off the customers experience on your site. It should be compatible to all kinds of possible devices a customer might be using. Mobile users simply can’t be ignored in the present scenario. As per the statistics by 2017, over one-fourth of e-commerce sales will be made via mobile. Thus it is incredibly important to make sure the user experience on the mobile should also be an important consideration.


For every kind of website security is a very essential area to address. Especially for eCommerce sites which are almost the priority target of the hackers in the web world. As per a survey done by Poneman Research 90% of the respondents said there were cyber-attacks at least once in a year.

There are many measures that you can take for securing your store, but still the best way is to support SSL to encrypt information. It will help you secure the personal details of your customers, like address, contact numbers, credit card details etc. Anyone shopping from online sources like yours shows their trust in your company that their personal information is safe. Ensuring that security to customers through SSL is not only technically right but also a moral responsibility.

Customer Service Support

Another essential for your eCommerce website is having a responsive and active Customer Service Support system. Giving the visitor mere confidence that their queries will be heard is a game changer indeed. They deserve an answer if something went wrong during their dealing with your website.

If you are doing the business right way then there should be no stress in having a customer support system.

Trusted Payment Gateways

This is the area where many eCommerce websites do very well and others fail completely. The options of payment gateways can be many. And that’s why it is always advisable to provide many options for the payments to your visitors.
Research and analysis of the demographics you are targeting is very essential in this area.

It’s Your Shop!

The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that your eCommerce is your shop. It is exactly like somebody walked inside your store for shopping. The only difference would be it is a virtual store and not a physical store. But the ethics should remain same, as it is the complete responsibility of yours to make sure that user experience is smooth, secure, and worth. Many eCommerce outlets do not work as per the ethics and that’s where things go wrong.


For an eCommerce site these are among the priorities that should be kept in mind. Having an eCommerce made is like hosting dinner for almost hundred thousand people. You need to have right quality, quantity and timings. And you certainly need the right chef for it. And we can provide you the right chef!

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