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Raw data is a stack of profoundly meaningful information, provided the one is equipped with the exact means to extract it; with our process outsourcing, we bring you just the prowess you need!

Premier Data-to-Intelligence Solutions

Simply hand over your query and the hoarded raw data and we shall take care of the rest! Our well-versed data scientists bring you solutions that let you change the way you run your business. Employing our in-house tools to extract, blend and prepare refined data with precise analytics and crucial insights, they furnish you with business value that is just a click away!

Data Mining & Analytics

It is not enough to be able to collect and group data, you have to be able to pull out specifics and analyze the data. We can handle this time-consuming! Our seasoned team of data miners and analysts has mastered the art of data quality management and transforming raw data into rewarding, actionable business choices.

Our approach is all about drawing the right questions from you and seeking answers to them, thus helping you make well-informed business decisions. Our data scientists can mine and analyze information on healthcare (drugs) database, clinical trial database, patent, automobiles, energy, FMCG, shipping, media, etc.

All of our mining and analytic services are designed to work in line with your business objectives. This helps us provide the information you need faster.

Content Writing

From Medical to Tech, Articles to White papers, and across multiple industries, ADI has extensive writing expertise. Our writers use a data-centric methodology to write content which is not purely opinion but has a basis supported by data. This approach is significantly powerful for long term content writing projects needed in digital and content marketing strategies. Our content writing team can be sourced on pay-per-project, time sharing and staffing augmentation model, which can be optimised for your content writing needs across articles, blogs, white papers and infographics.

Custom Intelligence Reports

Custom reports can be defined as being a piece of art and part of science. Our intelligence reports are a perfect blend of both qualities, therefore bringing you the key information to facilitate crucial project decisions. Efficiently taking care of this time-consuming task, we are happy that you can engage your valuable resources for other projects. Our specialized spheres with respect to intelligence reporting are:

Clinical Trials Intelligence

We can compile reports based on your brief. This includes patient selection data, specific drug information, specific disease information, data on specific trials and any clinical trials information you want.

Drug Intelligence

All aspects of information on a specific drug can be put into a bespoke intelligence report. This includes drug development details, pharmacovigilance information, mechanisms and target information, pipeline benchmarking of specific diseases, repositioning strategies, and formulary information status. If you need intelligence on a drug, we can be as specific or as general as you need.

Scientific Publications Analysis and Report Writing

As well as providing intelligence on drug and clinical trials, we can analyze complex scientific data, and provide statistical analysis services to prepare reports showing abstract reviews and meta-analysis. The reports are copy edited and proofed prior to your approval. Other than biomedical writing, we have also extended our custom intelligence report services across verticals such as retail, oil & gas, logistics, automobile, energy and education sectors over the past 17+ years of our existence

Bibliographical & Literature Searches

ADI firmly believes in the value of excellent bibliographic searches and secondary research as one of the key ingredients that go into the making of good regulatory submissions and clear argumentation to support filings. Our dedicated team of bibliographical researchers gathers relevant information from a multitude of subject areas, putting each individual search through an intensive data-filtration process. Researchers then condense expertly selected information into succinct, reviewer-friendly summaries. Good searches are indeed demanding and time-consuming for all, except for the experts! So let our clinical data team of bibliographical search specialists take over this responsibility while you utilize your time to assure more rapid drug development.

Big Data

Realize the true value of data integration and business analytics! Although big data looks great on paper, obtaining and grouping the data into manageable and meaningful information is quite tough. The sources are ubiquitous: Journals, clinical trials results, drug information, social media opinion, web browsing history, blogs, sales figures, and demographics-the list of sources is far-reaching.

So how do you manage all of this data? Make the crucial switch by embracing our big data management services that are inclusive of:

  • Discovering Data Online – in offering data cleansing services, we use advanced scrapping software to discover the feedback left on forums and blogs
  • Data Structuring – we logically structure your data, ensuring you have a big picture view for your query
  • Identifying Key Data Points – this crucial aspect of data management will ensure you have the facts and confidence to make key decisions
  • Analyzing for Trends – if there are trends in your data we will find them
  • Automated software – we can provide automated software to present detailed analytics of your data

Our clinical trials data management solutions present all information to you in a logical format and in a timely fashion, enabling you to analyze and act on the information.

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