“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Those are the words of one of the most intelligent man ever existed. Albert Einstein makes you simply question so many things with his brilliance not only in science but in general. Explaining complicated things in a simple way is the true test of intelligence.

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So when the question arises ‘What is cloud computing? There can be many definitions, explanations, but there would be rare cases of simple explanation. At times the masters of the fields are the best people to explain about the subject in a simple manner. These people who are experts of various fields and in times to come will be considered as the pioneers of digital revolution in the world. They all have their opinion on the subject of cloud computing. So if such explanations make your understanding of cloud computing easier, you will understand the importance of simplicity as well. And why we are focused on simplicity is because the cloud itself is made to simplify technology.

So check out these must-read quotes about cloud computing:      









These views from the leaders in the industry, will definitely make you think about getting cloud services!

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